What would the four-firm concentration ratio be

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Suppose that the most popular car dealer in your area sells 10 percent of all vehicles. If all other car dealers sell either the same number of vehicles or fewer, what is the largest value that the Herfindahl index could possibly take for car dealers in your area?

In that same situation, what would the four-firm concentration ratio be?

Reference no: EM13224885

Question about online bill payment

The Wall Street Journal reported that businesses are aggressively pushing customers to pay their bills electronically. Numerous banks dropped their monthly fee for online bill

History of changes in gdp

Essay paper on Money and the prices in the long run and open economies. Discuss the following points : (1) analyze the history of changes in GDP, savings, investment, real i

Market a new carbonated beverage

Suppose a soft drink firm is grappling with the decision about whether or not to introduced to market a new carbonated beverage with 25% real fruit juice. How might it use t

Federal deposit insurance encourage

How does federal deposit insurance encourage greater risk taking by banks? Could the banking system function without government deposit insurance? How? How would you pers

Result of the recessionary gap

Suppose the government aims to stimulate the economy as the result of the recessionary gap. Explain which macroeconomic policy action you would recommend. Give both the dire

How does this rationing method influence student behavior

What method is used to ration goods in a market economy? How does this rationing method influence the incentive of individuals to supply goods, services, and resources to othe

Foreign exchange market for colombian pesos

In the foreign exchange market for Colombian pesos, what happens to The demand for pesos? The supply of pesos? The quantity of pesos demanded? The quantity of pesos supplied

Perfect competitor and a monopolistic competitor

Theoretically, assuming that the Average Total Cost structures are the same for a perfect competitor and a monopolistic competitor, which one will maximize its profit by pro


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