What would the four-firm concentration ratio be

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Suppose that the most popular car dealer in your area sells 10 percent of all vehicles. If all other car dealers sell either the same number of vehicles or fewer, what is the largest value that the Herfindahl index could possibly take for car dealers in your area?

In that same situation, what would the four-firm concentration ratio be?

Reference no: EM13224885

Computing steady state values

Assuming no population growth or technological progress, find the steady state capital stock per worker, output per worker, consumption per worker and investment per worker

Share of profits attributed

A certain retail store sells six items: A, B, C, D, E, and F. The share of profits attributed to each item is 20%, 16%, 25%, 15%, 10%, and 14% respectively. Which of the fol

Sequence of monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition

Over the course of product life cycle, as the firm moves through the sequence of oligopoly, monopolistic competition, monopoly, and pure competition, the profit opportunities

Creation of an activity diagram

A car rental company owner calls a car insurance company. The owner gives her insurance policy number to the insurance clerk, who enters this information into the system to

What is the decision to be made

What is the decision to be made, what is the chance event, and what is the consequence? Identify the alternatives for the decisions and the possible outcomes for the chance

Extensive damage to both public and private oyster grounds

Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico have been known to cause extensive damage to both public and private oyster grounds along the Louisiana and Mississippi shores. One way to p

Compute the equilibrium price and quantity

Assume you are given the following information about a particular industry, Determine the equilibrium price, the equilibrium quantity, output supplied by the firm, and the pro

Discuss the elements of a companys discipline system

Each has a crucial role to play if the discipline system is to be effective. Discuss the elements of a company's discipline system or process and explain whether you feel it


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