What would the coase theorem say about the two rules

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In Virginia, the common law has long held that if a neighbor's tree encroaches on your yard you may cut the branches as they cross the property line, but any damage the tree does to your property is your problem. Your neighbor can even sue if your pruning kills the tree. In 2007, the Virginia Supreme Court overruled this 70 year-old precedent, making it your neighbor's duty to prune or cut down the tree if it is a “nuisance.”

Which rule is better: the new rule or the old? What would the Coase Theorem say about the two rules?

Reference no: EM13898344

Development and growth

After reading Part one of the book " Development and Growth" please reflect on the following question : How do you as a business leader utilize 'Measurements of Economic Growt

Marginal product of labor equals

A firm is producing optimally (maximizing profits) when the price level = $1. It pays a wage rate of $10 per hour to labor and rents capital for $8 per hour. It sells its prod

Starting from the long-run equilibrium

Consider a competitive market. Starting from the long-run equilibrium, suddenly, fixed costs decrease, although variable costs remain unchanged. Discuss the short-run and long

Calculate the price and output for a monopoly

A market has linear market MC (might be supply) and demand curves. No one will buy the good if the price is above $200 and the firm will not produce the good if the price is b

Evidence and Conclusions-Hypotheses

When Seth told Anita, "Your plan for purr semester project is not going to work." she snapped back with, "I don't hear you coming up with anything better." When he asked Anita

Land assemblage problem

How does building on undeveloped land differ from building on developed land from an economic standpoint? Discuss the land assemblage problem as it relates to urban renewal. L

Determine demand function-inverse demand function for good

The demand for good X is given by QXd = 6,000 - (1/2)PX - PY + 9PZ + (1/10)M Research shows that the prices of related goods are given by Py = $6,500 and Pz = $100, while the

Objectives using the money markets

Assuming no other changes, if balances in money market deposit accounts increase by $50 billion and small-denominated time deposits decrease by $50 billion.


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