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Lila Battle has determined that the annual demand for number 6 screws is 100,000 screws. Lila, who works in her brother's hardware store, is in charge of purchasing. She estimates that it costs $10 every time an order is placed. This cost includes her wages, the cost of the forms used in placing the order, and so on. Furthermore, she estimates that the cost of carrying one screw in inventory for a year is one-half of 1 cent. Assume that the demand is constant throughout the year (a) How many number 6 screws should Lila order at a time if she wishes to minimize total inventory cost? (b) How many orders per year would be placed? What would the annual ordering cost be? (c) What would the average inventory be? What would the annual holding cost be

Reference no: EM13901750

An element of DBMS that sounds good in theory

An element of a DBMS that sounds good in theory may not work well at a given organization. In some cases, a DBMS may be thoroughly overhauled in order to meet new or rising co

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A shoe company is considering a change in its current inventory system. The information regarding the shoes is as follows: What should be the reorder point to have a 95 percen

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Harrison Clothiers' stock currently sells for $26.00 a share. It just paid a dividend of $2.25 a share (i.e., D0 = 2.25). The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate o

You will not make any more deposit after the child turns

Your new born child will be starting college in 18 years. You expect your child's college education to cost $23,900 per year, due at the beginning of each year. How much must

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create a SWOT analysis to determine what the next steps your company should take to in order to move forward successfully. Your SWOT analysis should include a properly forma

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You have been using a variety of nested IF functions to calculate costs in your spreadsheet when a colleague stops by and comments on what you have been working on, suggesting

Uniqueness or universality and equilibrium or growth

An important aspect of any personality theory is the image of human nature formulated by the theorist. Each theorist has a conception of human nature that addresses issues at

More effectively represent different groups

Does the rise of outsiders Trump and Sanders foretell a crumbling of the two political parties in America—and why? For instance, will this give rise to the splitting of the pa


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