What would happen if the air filter was partially choked

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The cylinder on an engine has a stroke of 300 mm and a bore of 250 mm. The volume ratio of compression is 14:1. Air in the cylinder at the beginning of compression has a pressure of 96 kPa and a temperature of 93o C. The air is compressed for the full stroke according to the law pv1.3 = C. Determine:

(a) The mass of air in the cylinder
(b) The work transfer
(c) The heat transfer
(d) The Temperature and pressure at the end of compression.
(For air take =1.4 and Cp= 1.006 kJ/kgK)
(e) After doing the above calculations briefly state you expect the mass flow rate of air to be if this was a 4 stroke 6 cylinder engine running at 3000 rpm. What would happen if the air filter was partially choked. If the piston rings were leaking state what you would expect the results of a, b, c, and d above would be.

Reference no: EM13216569

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