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10) Employment Decision: In no more than one typed page, provide a statement of your decision to become CFO in one of the firms based on your interpretation of all the facts presented. Assume that you have gotten an offer from both firms. It includes a base salary of $20 million, a bonus tied to the accounting profits of the firm, a bonus tied to the stock price of the firm, stock option grants, restricted stick grants, stock appreciation rights, benefits, and perks. Financial statement analysis from the standpoint of management relates to all of the questions raised by creditors and investors because these user groups must be satisfied for the firm to obtain capital as needed. Management must also consider its employees, the general public, regulators, and the financial press. Look to the analyses and address: how well has the firm performed and why, what changes should be implemented to improve future performance, what operating areas have contributed to success and which have not, the strengths and weaknesses of the company's financial position, and the issues that might arise with respect to the public, labor, regulators, customers, creditors, and investors that might be important. Be sure to provide a conclusion based on why you decided to become CFO at one firm over the other.

11) Consulting Decision: In no more than one typed page, provide a statement as if you were a hired consultant presenting to the CEO for both firms, what would be your future strategies, goals and objectives for this company? And how would you reflect these through the preparation of annual operating budgets? (Scope: 2 years)

Reference no: EM13519939

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Determining taxable income rules

In 2012, Warren sold his personal use automobile for a loss of $9,000. He also sold a personal coin collection for a gain of $10,000. As result of these sales, $1,000 is sub


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