What would be your company distinctive competence

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If you were to have a business plan to start your own business what would be your company’s distinctive competence? What are your basic nature and activity of your business. What is your primary product or service? What customers will be served? What is your company form of organization? What are the current and projected economic states of the industry? Do your company intend to become a publicly traded company or an acquisition candidate or do the owner want to transfer ownership to the next generation of the family?

Reference no: EM131040553

Consider continuous review inventory system

Consider a continuous review inventory system. Demand is normally distributed with an average of 44,000 per month and a monthly standard deviation of 1320 units. Lead time is

Sale to general public is simply entered into cash register

Develop an activity diagram for each scenario. Complete a fully developed use case description. A sale to the general public is simply entered into the cash register, and a pa

Leadership position is to focus on supporting the self-worth

Some have suggested one of the primary roles of those in a leadership position is to focus on supporting the self-worth of followers which, in turn, leads to task performance

Include technology-social factors-competition and regulation

What are some recommendations that include specific details on how to improve the overall functionality and utility of a hospital for a current PHR system in place. Include Te

Agreement to alleviate global environmental issues

What is the effectiveness of such global treaties as The Kyoto Agreement to alleviate global environmental issues (global warming, acid rain, and many more)? Should the United

Calculate the forecast for period

The next two questions involve The Grand Bakery which produces 60 special sourdough rolls every day. Any rolls that are not sold each day are given to the employees. They ha

What purpose does HRM serve in an organization

What purpose does HRM serve in an organization? What role does HRM serve in your organization (or your previous organization)? What does "strategic" HRM sound like it means, i

Net dollar sales projection for year

Dodge Ball Bearings had sales of 19,000 units at $65 per unit last year. The marketing manager projects a 15 percent increase in unit volume sales this year with a 20 percen


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