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1.- Lots Inc shares are trading at $ 25 per share, assuming that there are 250 million shares outstanding, what is its market capitalization?

2. The MedTech reported net income of $ 15.8 million, has 2.5 million common shares and preferred dividends paid US $ 1 million a year.

a. Calculate Earnings per share of common stock.

b. Assume that the stock is trading $ 60 per share, determine what the return on dividends if the company distributes USD 2 per share.

c. What would be the reason to pay dividends if the company bestow US $ 2 common action?

3. A speculator buys 200 shares of MSF to $ 50 per share, 01 January 2013. On January 3, 2014 decided to sell the $ 55 per share, the stock has paid quarterly dividends of USD 0.25.Cual was the return of the investor this operation?"

4.- On August 25, you made the following trading in the US:



August Price



Price Today




















Short Sale






Short Sale











SBUX last week and announced dividend-F by USD 0.5 per share and 0.125, respectively.

At current prices, the won or lost in dollars, today? Do not assume costs transaction.

5.- According to the previous year, if in August the exchange rate was 3.30 PEN per dollar and today is 3.20, how much will be won or lost today PEN?

Reference no: EM13859204

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