What would be the reading on the scale

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Your mass is 50 kg. Suppose you are standing on a scale in an elevator that starts moving up and increases its speed at the rate of 3 m/s every second. What would be the reading on the scale?

Reference no: EM131321568

How far to your right should you turn

At this point you are getting very tired and would like to get back as quickly as possible, but all of the available trails seem to lead you deeper into the woods. You would

Beginning in time has important philosophical implications

A century ago, scientists believed that the universe was infinite with no beginning and no end. Einstein then predicted that the universe is either contracting or expanding. W

Heat energy-how much does temperature increase

121.7 J of heat energy are transferred to 38.53 g of mercury. By how much does the temperature increase? (in K) How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 38.53 g of

Determine how much energy is stored in the electric field

The total amount of energy stored in an LC series circuit is 8.00 J. When the current through the inductor is equal to half its maximum value, how much energy is stored in t

Find how long does it take the stone to reach the ground

A stone is thrown from the top of the Bisdorf building upward at an angle of 28.0o to the horizontal with an initial speed of 20.0 m/s. How long does it take the stone to rea

What is the period of the second harmonic?

One of the mooring lines of USS BOXER (LHD-4) is under a tension of 4500 N and is set into resonance by the vibration of a CHT pump. What is the period of the 2nd harmonic

How much heat is converted into work

Five thousand joules of heat is put into a Carnot engine whose hot and cold reservoirs have temperatures of 480 and 320 K, correspondingly. How much heat is converted into wor

What is the acceleration of gravity on zircon

An astronaut on the planet Zircon tosses a rock horizontally with a speed of 6.95 . The rock falls through a vertical distance of 1.20 and lands a horizontal distance of 8.65


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