What would be the nominal and effective cost of that credit

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A company buys $10 million of materials (net of discount) on terms 3/5, net 60, and it currently pays on the 5th day & takes discounts. The company plans to expand, which will mean add'l financing. 1) If the company decides to forgo discounts, could it obtain much add'l credit? 2) What would be the nominal & effective cost of that credit? 3) What would be the effective cost of the bank loan if the company could get the funds from a bank at a rate of 8% and if the interest was paid monthly? All of this should be based on 365 day year. 4) Should the company use bank debt or add'l trade credit? Why.

Reference no: EM13721019

Why did worship of baal appeal to the israelites so strongly

Why did the worship of Baal appeal to the Israelites so strongly? Why did Ahab handle Elijah differently from the way Jezebel dealt with him? How are the portrayals of Elijah

Special about working groups of it professionals

Explain what is special about working groups of IT professionals, and describe how the group dynamics of IT professionals may differ from groups within different disciplines

Running an optimal mix of newspaper and magazine

Assuming that additional ads would generate similar response rates, is the bank running an optimal mix of newspaper and magazine ads? Why or why not?Holding all else equal,

What is the stocks required rate of return

Nick's Enchiladas Incorporated has preferred stock outstanding that pays a dividend of $3 at the end of each year. The preferred sells for $50 a share. What is the stock's req

Analyze and attempt to prevent one of those risks

1. Demonstrate how a why/why chart or a cause & effect diagram could be used to analyze and attempt to prevent ONE of those risks. 2. Demonstrate how Force Field Analysis b

What is the break even point output in units

Impact on any developing country's economy and its special characteristics - Describe analyse the fundamental tasks of management in your opinion and provide an example of eac

Interpersonal relationships-problem solving in workplace

Research interpersonal relationships and problem solving in the workplace. Share a link to at least one resource you found useful. Summarize the content and state what part y

Work under a collective bargaining agreement

As an employee, would you rather work under a collective bargaining agreement with a grievance procedure in a union setting or in a non-union setting with a company-establis


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