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In tomatoes, the three mutant traits, dwarfness, green flesh, and white flowers, are due to the homozygous recessive state of the genes d, gf, and wf (respectively). A dwarf, green-fleshed, white-flowered plant is crossed as the pollen parent to the homozygous normal plant.

a. Diagram the cross, using the forked-line method, to determine the F2 phenotypic ratio. Include phenotypes with the appropriate expected ratios.

b. If the F1 were testcrossed, what would be the expected phenotypic and expected genotypic ratios?

Reference no: EM13152009

Sildenfil for severe lymphatic malformations

The drug (Viagra) has been used to treat pulmonary hypertension in children. Its typical side effects in children are nausea, headaches and cold-like symptoms such as a runn

How genotype and phenotype are determined in normal

Explain why phenotype of the cloned mammoth would be similar to the wooly mammoth and not to the elephant egg donor or surrogate elephant mother. Compare and contrast how ge

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Compare the structures and functions of the following components of the endomembrane system: rough endoplasmic reticulum, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, lyso

Animal behavior aid survival and reproduction

Animal Behavior: How does an animal's behavior aid survival and reproduction? Provide an example to illustrate your comments. In your response, be sure to include informatio

Biosynthesize eggs and sperm and oreo-derived

To make a baby means reproductive system activity which utilizes the Oreo's _________, ___________, and________________ to biosynthesize eggs and sperm and Oreo-derived_______

Why does gastric bypass surgery result in weight loss

Why does gastric bypass surgery result in weight loss? a) Bypassing part of the small intestine results in less nutrient absorption. b) Bypassing part of the large intestine

Xplain why it is the mother or the father

Are Pat and Robin's parents both normal or does one of them have Angelman or Prader-Willi syndrome? If one of them has a disorder, explain why it is the mother or the father

What effect might tetrodotoxin have on action potentials

What effect might tetrodotoxin have on action potentials? How might the doctor alleviate symptoms associated with tetrodoxin poisoning and what symptoms might someone experi


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