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Allerson’s, a major food store in Taft, has been your employer for ten years. You have done excellent work for them and have made many transfers up in ranks over the years. Now you are the Human Resource Manager for the store. Over the years, the store has grown. Today you are going to work with one of the new department managers who will be doing some preliminary screening of potential candidates for the produce department. You sit in on the first interview while the manager asks the candidate the following questions:

1. How many children do you have, and do you have adequate child care?

2. What disabilities do you have that might keep you from doing the work in the produce department?

3. You do not look like an American, so where are you from?

4. Have you ever filed a lawsuit or claim against an employer?

5. Have you ever been arrested or put in jail?

6. Are you a smoker and have you ever been treated for conditions arising from smoking?

7. Do you have AIDS or any sexually transmitted disease that we have to take precautions for?   

You are stunned by this session.

What THREE things would you need to address with this department manager and what would be your suggestions for making improvements with each?

Reference no: EM132184890

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