What would be failure deviatoric stress sigma1-sigma3 stress

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The effective angle of friction (phi) was found to be 26 degrees for a normally consolidated soil. If the soil is tested in consolidated drained triaxial test under sigma3 = 60 kPa, what would be the failure deviatoric stress sigma1-sigma3 stress?

Reference no: EM13298801

Determine the stations of the pc and the pt

The distance AB is measured as 322.33 ft, the angle at A is measured as 32°15, and the angle at B is determined to be 41°30. Determine the stations of the PC and the PT.

Calculate the deflection and the manometer liquid is mercury

A hemispherical bowl of radius r connected to a U-tube of constant radius r. Initially the the bowl is empty and the air/manometer liquid interface in both legs is at the le

Find which is less than the maximum taxable wage base

Find an equation that expresses the relationship between the wages earned (x) and the Social Security taxes paid (y) by an employee who earns less than the maximum taxable w

How large could the plant be without having the ground

A 35 percent-efficient coal-fired power plant with effective height of 100 m emits SO2 at a rate of 0.6 lb/10^6 Btu into the plant. If winds are assumed to be 4 m/s at the sta

Find the entropy change of the milk

A constant pressure container of 1.2 kg steel contains 1.5 kg of R-134a at 40C, 500 kPa. The container is placed in a refrigerator that brings it to -20?C. Find the process

How long would it take to obtain a reduction in bacteria

In a study it was found that 39% of the bacteria died within 9 hoursand 67% died within 20 hours. If the rate of andwer proportional to the number remaining, how long would

Calculate the one dimensional isentropic compressible-flow

Using EES (or other) software and the relations given in Table A-32, calculate the one dimensional isentropic compressible-flow functions by varying the upstream Mach number

Determine the plane strain fracture toughness of the polymer

A polymer that contains internal flaws 1.5 mm in length fails at a stress of 30 MPa. Determine the plane strain fracture toughness of the polymer. Assume a polymer specimen


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