What would be expected phentypic ratio of their offspring

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A well-kept secret is that the Philly Phanatic is really an F1 organism, the product of a homozygous dominant father and a homozygous recessive mother. The alleles of interest are: G= green fur, g=pink fur, H= horn-shaped snout, h=violin-shaped snout. Assume that these genes are unliked.

a) If the Phanatic had a girlfriend with exactly the same genotype as his mother, what are the possible genotypes of their offspring?

b) What would be the expected phentypic ratio of their offspring?

Reference no: EM13113992

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Mary met her partner Bobby at a support group for families dealing with colorblindness. Mary and Bobby are unaffected but both have one bro who is affected. They have no kno


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