What would after-tax cash flow be from equipment sale

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Today, Litchfield Design purchased a piece of equipment for 134,000 dollars that will be depreciated to 8,000 dollars over 18 years using straight-line depreciation. What would the after-tax cash flow be from the equipment sale if the equipment is sold in 12 years for 91,000 dollars and the tax rate is 30 percent?

Reference no: EM131130783

Mount to use as annual sales figure when evaluating project

Winnebagel Corp. currently sells 35,000 motor homes per year at $73,000 each, and 14,500 luxury motor coaches per year at $110,000 each. The company wants to introduce a new p

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Describe the relevance of communication in the organizational process. Suggest three ways that the managers can improve communications that will lead to an increase in organiz

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Valence Electronics has 217 million shares outstanding. It expects earnings at the end of the year of $760 million. Valence pays out 40% of its earnings in total 15% paid out

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The sausage system will save the firm $69,000 per year in pretax operating costs, and the system requires an initial investment in net working capital of $9,000, which will

With continuous investment and compunding

When your first child is born you begin to save for college by depositing $700 per month in an accouunt paying 12% interest per year. You increase the amount you save by 1%per

Premium entries and financial statement presentation

Metlock Candy Company offers an MP3 download (seven-single medley) as a premium for every 5 candy bar wrappers presented by customers together with $2.75. Prepare the journal

Mortgage with biweekly payments

Five years ago you took out a 15-year mortgage with biweekly payments (you make a payment every two weeks) to purchase your home. The interest rate is 7% per year and the biwe

Use present value as the method of analysis

You are the new financial manager,your grandfather is the current presiden of the firm. One of the first things you notice is your family's firm uses payback to make it's capi


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