What will its dividend payout ratio be this year

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1. Open Door Manufacturer earned $100,000 this year. The company follows the residual dividend policy when paying dividends. Open Door has deter-mined that it needs a total of $120,000 for investment in capital budgeting projects this year.

2. If the company debt/assets ratio is 50 percent, what will its dividend payout ratio be this year? Last year the Bulls Business Bureau (BBB) retained $400,000 of the $1 million net income it generated. This year BBB generated net income equal to $1.2 million. If BBB follows the constant dividend payout ratio dividend policy, how much should be paid in dividends this year?

Reference no: EM131419916

What is the consolidated balance to be reported for land

Big reported a Land account of $1.1 million and Little reported a Land account of $700,000. Assume no asset impairments have taken place. What is the consolidated balance to

What is the monthly annuity payment under this schedule

The remaining balance will be $120,000. The bank will loan you this remaining balance at 4.375% APR. You will make monthly payments with a 20-year payment schedule. What is

What are some of the reasons for this requirement

Employers continue to emphasize good communication skills as one of the most important qualifications for screening career-school and business graduates. What are some of th

What is susan approx. savings rate

Susan's salary is 80K. She contributes 10% of her salary to her 401K plan and her employer contributes 5% of her salary to a profit sharing plan. She also contributes $2,500

Performance with a probability model

The place kicker on a team in the American National Football League (NFL) has an all-time success rate (total number ?eld goals "made" divided by total number of ?eld goals

Why do some forecasts by well respected economists

Explain why a public forecast by a respected economist about future interest rates could affect the value of the dollar today. Why do some forecasts by well respected economis

Find the current value of the option

Then determine whether an American version of the option, also limited to a maximum payout of $40, would have any additional value over the European version. Compare your an

Npv based question

Suppose you have an opportunity to invest in a business that will pay $200,000 in one year, $400,000 in two years, $600,000 in three years and $800,000 in four years.


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