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The following scenario describes conditions in Central City in the days immediately following a major weather event impacting the county's western edge. Using the four emergency management disciples (preparedness, response, recovery and mitigations), the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) readings found in textbook and supplementary materials, provide written response to scenario discussion points.


Central City is part of Columbia County. The Roaring River is located in Columbia County and runs through downtown Central City. On March 8, after several days of unusually heavy rain and melting mountain snow, the Roaring River overflowed, flooding Central City's downtown business area and the state's utility complex. The entire downtown area is underwater and without basic utilities (electric and water). Business in the area has come to a standstill with many small store owners fearing the worst once night sets in. Also affected by the power outage is a nearby senior assisted living facility with more than 500 elderly residents unable to leave and in need of medical care. A low-income community located along the river's edge has been isolated from the rest of the city due to the rising floodwaters. Storm and sewer drains are beginning to back up and garbage can be seen floating in the streets.

Due to the lack of transportation, many city residents were unable to leave the area when initial flood warnings were posted and are now stranded. There have been numerous requests for medical attention in the area, and several fires can be seen burning in the distance. Because the river twists and turns throughout Columbia County, other cities within the county are experiencing similar flooding conditions. The rain is expected to continue for the next 12-24 hrs, followed by a drying out and turning windy and cold.

1. Who are the 1st responders? What are their responsibilities?

2. What will be their biggest challenge?

3. What will is an immediate concern and what can wait?

4. What additional types of assistance (other than initial 1st responders) would be helpful here? How would they be used?

5. Does the fact that other Columbia County cities are also flooded and experiencing similar problems affect Columbia County's capabilities to respond? What problems do you foresee? What are some solutions?

6. How would you classify this incident? Is it a high likelihood-low impact or a low likelihood-high impact? Explain?

7. Using the ICS, decide what type of command structure will be employed. Who will be part of your command structure?

8. What two circumstances may turn this event from an emergency to a disaster and what are your options once that happens?

9. What type of assistance can you expect from state? Describe the process for requesting state / federal assistance.

10. Once the floodwaters recede and the conditions return to normal, city council members will be looking for suggestions to avoid this type of disaster in the future. What mitigation recommendations can you make?

Paper Submission Requirements:

  • Your response should be 5-6 pages in length (double spaced).
  • Paper must include a "reference page" not included in the 5-8-page minimum.
  • Use APA format.
  • Power Point Presentation (10-12 slides) should summarizes paper findings and highlight key points. You can search the web for photos to include in your presentation (no videos).

Reference no: EM131420288

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