What will happen if the mayor sets a price ceiling

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Assume the demand function and the supply functions for 24-can beer case in Houston are: Demand: QD = 1,000 ? 50P Demand: QS = 40P + 100 (a) What are the market equilibrium price and quantity for beer case?

(b) What will happen if the Mayor sets a price ceiling at $12? 

(c) What will happen if the Mayor sets a price ceiling at $8?

Reference no: EM13207396

What will the face value of the bonds have to be for school

Charleston Independent School District needs to raise $200 million to refurbish the existing schools and build new ones. The bonds will pay interest semiannually at a rate

How much more will alexx have than spenser

Many retirement funds charge and administrative fee equal to 0.25% on managed assets. Suppose that Alexx and Spenser each invest $5,000 in the same stock this year. Alexx in

Which variables are endogenous and exogenous

Suppose the national-income model: Y = C + I + G C = a + b(Y - T)(a > 0; 0 0; 0

What is the devices vb at the end of four years

Cisco Systems is purchasing a new bar code scanning device for its service center in San Francisco. The table that follows lists the relevant cost items for this purchase. T

How does steady-state parabolic heat-flow solution change

In practice, about 15% of the total heat loss is through the air gap. How does the steady-state parabolic heat-flow solution change if one adds a heat conduction path throug

What would the supply of labor curve look like over wages

(Craft Unions) Both industrial unions and craft unions attempt to raise their members' wages, but each goes about it differently. Explain the difference in approaches and de

How large of a rebate should the company offer to a buyer

A manufacture has been selling 1700 television sets a week at 420dollars each. A market survey indicates that for each 21 -dollarrebate offered to a buyer, the number of set

What programs are ignored

(Official Poverty Level) How does the U.S. Department of Agriculture calculate the official poverty level? What government assistance programs does the Census Bureau conside


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