What will be the new levels of real gdp in the right column

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on the basis of the three sets of data for the country of North Vaudeville: LO2

a. Which set of data illustrates aggregate supply in the immediate short-run in North Vaudeville? The short run? The long run?

b. Assuming no change in hours of work, if real output per hour of work increases by 10 percent, what will be the new levels of real GDP in the right column of A? Does the new data reflect an increase in aggregate supply or does it indicate a decrease in aggregate supply?

Reference no: EM13232871

How has company a impacted gdp

On January 1st, 2003  company A has $10 million worth of widgets in inventory.  During the year, company A produces $30 million worth of widgets and sells $32 million worth.

Calculate private saving

The economy of Mini land has an income of $400, consumption is $200, government expenditure is $200, and the tax earnings of government are $150. Calculate private saving

Determine eventual total change in reserve

Suppose a new deposit to the US banking system of $1000. Assume that all commercial banks have a target reserve ratio of 10 percent and there is no cash drain.

Mexican peso and the us dollar

If the exchange rate between the Mexican peso and the US Dollar expresssed in terms of pesos per dollar is 13.5 pesos=1 dollar, what is the exchange rate when expresses in t

Describe marginal propensity

Suppose that Melanie had 200000 of disposable income and spent 180,000 on consumption in 2006 & had 300,000 of disposable income & spent 240,000 on consumption in 2007

Points on the firm tvc curve

a. Assuming capital costs $3 per unit and labor costs $1 per unit, which process will be employed? b. Plot the three points on the firm's TVC curve corresponding to q = 10, q

Advertising elasticity of demand

You are the manager of a popular shoe company. You know that the advertising elasticity of demand for your product is 0.15. How much will you have to increase advertising in

What is the relevant market you would analyze

What is the relevant market you would analyze? (That is, which products and which geographic area(s) would you focus on? In other words, how would you label the horizontal a


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