What will be the frequency at propellant burnout

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(a) Calculate the length of a T-burner to give a first natural oscillation of 2000 Hz using a propellant that has a combustion temperature of 2410 K, a specific heat ratio of 1.25, a molecular mass of 25 kg/kg-mol, and a burning rate of 10.0 mm/sec at a pressure of 68 atm. The T-burner is connected to a large surge tank and prepressurized with nitrogen gas to 68 atm. The propellant disks are 20 mm thick. Make a sketch to indicate the T-burner dimensions, including the disks.

(b) If the target frequencies are reached when the propellant is 50% burned, what will be the frequency at propellant burnout?

Reference no: EM131356558

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