What will be the effects of an increase in the money supply

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1. What will be the effects of an increase in the money supply on the interest rate? What will be the effects of an increase in real output on the interest rate?

2. Explain the effects of a permanent increase in the U.S. money supply in the short run and in the long run. Assume that the U.S. real national income is constant.

Reference no: EM13253

Environmental factors and human activity

Make a case for the effects of each of these changes on the Pastoral Nomad lifestyle and given constraints in semi-arid environments, to what extent has the pastoralist lifest

Describe absolute and comparative advantage

Suppose that with a given unit of labour, India can manufacture 40 basketball hoops or 60 basketballs and Nepal can manufacture 10 basketball hoops or 30 basketballs.

Explain what are the principal sources of economic growth

What are the principal sources of economic growth? Depict and explain the effects of technological improvement in production of two goods: one land-intensive (e.g., rice) an

Write a critical analysis of macroeconomic status

Write a critical analysis of macroeconomic status, reasons and consequences of selected countries. Write a two-to-three-page paper in Word format. Utilize at least three schol

Trade and comparative advantage economic theories

Describe the economic cost of most international trade less than economic benefit of that trade for both the firms and nations involved using trade and comparative advantage e

Why french meals are lower in paris than austin

Alex doesn't care about where he lives, but he does care about what he eats. Alex spends all his money on restaurant meals at either American (x_a) or French restaurants (x_

Determine demand of british pound in foreign exchange market

Why can't all the balance of payments accounts be in surplus What factors determine the demand for British pounds in foreign exchange markets? How are exchange rates determi

How the disaster of costa concordia off the coast of italy

In the cruise industry, one third of reservations are booked from january to march. Explain and diagrammatically show how the disaster of the costa concordia off the coast o


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