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A monopolist's demand curve is P = 100-Q and the total cost curve is TC = 16 + Q^2. The associated marginal cost curve is MC = 2Q. What is the profit maximizing quantity and price, and what will be the economic profit?

Reference no: EM13327411

Find the price at which the firm sells the product

Suppose that a firm maximizes its total profits and has a marginal cost (MC) of production of $8 and the price elasticity of demand for the product it sells is -3. Find the

How does the zero sum myth set people off against each other

How does the zero sum myth set people off against each other. Explain. Why are people merely not like chess pieces Explain. How does government provided health care being fr

Paying a series of five constant-dollar

You are paying a series of five constant-dollar (or real-dollar) uniform payments of $1195.38 beginning at the end of first year. Assume that the general inflation rate is 1

Explain maturity extension program and reinvestment policy

Under the maturity extension program, the Federal Reserve sold or redeemed a total of $667 billion of shorter-term Treasury securities and used the proceeds to buy longer-te

Differentiate between goods and expensive goods

As an economy increase and productivity grow, real wages tend to rise - people get richer on aggregate. Real wage growth implies that people are able to buy more of the servic

What amounts of capital and labor inputs should be used by

Suppose that 3M has the production function q=KL, and the input prices are given by r=$2, w=$3. The 3M wants to produce 600 unit of output and minimize cost of production.

Optimal price levels by using advanced pricing techniques

Black Diamond Tennis & Golf Club offers golf and tennis memberships to residents of Black Diamond, Ohio, in which there are 2-types of families:

What would cause the entire curve to move upward

You manage Gofer Delivery Services. You rent a truck for $50 a day and each delivery takes an hour of labor time. The hourly wage is $8. Draw a curve showing the relationshi


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