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If Mercedes Benz realizes that its annual demand for 500SEL model is 50,000 and their cost of order preparations is $42,000.00 and the inventory carrying cost per car per year is $3,600.00. What will be the Economic Order Quantity.

Reference no: EM13222498

Negatively associated with new product development success

Explain, analyze, and apply these concepts in a larger context: Identify several factors that relate to a product’s success and discuss why these factors are positively or neg

Contemporary healthcare facilities and refocusing facilities

Just as the state of the healthcare industry and the concept of the patient have changed so have healthcare facilities. Physicians offices aren’t always offices anymore. Healt

Training evaluation that measures return on investment

What advantages accrue to training evaluation that measures return on investment (ROI)? What are some of the obstacles to implementing ROI measures, and how can they be overco

Produces two types of photograph-developing fluids

Photo Chemicals produces two types of photograph-developing fluids. Both products cost Photo Chemicals $1 per gallon to produce. Based on an analysis of current inventory leve

Impediment to achieving system interoperability

1. Describe one significant impediment to achieving system interoperability within and between health care organizations. 2. What is the most relevant standard in your sel

Difference if the wilderness was under a fire ban at time

Billy is camping in the Beartooth Wilderness and starts a fire to keep himself warm. Unfortunately, he fails to put it out completely and, when he wakes up in the middle of th

Find activity crashing decision and revise activity schedule

Using the expected activity times as the normal times and the following crashing information, determine the activity crashing decisions and revised activity schedule for the

Personal feelings about price discounts and value

Discuss your personal feelings about price discounts and value. Do you prefer a retail store that has consistent, everyday low prices or would you prefer to shop at sales? Do


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