What will be the discharge through the pipe

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A pump having the characteristics given ( N=2133.5 rpm, n=35.6 rps, D=37.1 cm) pumps water at 25 degree C from a reservoir at an elevation of 366 m to a reservoir at an elevation of 450 m through a 36 cm steel pipe. If the pipe is 610 m long, what will be the discharge through the pipe?

Reference no: EM13319949

Determine the ratio of the velocities vair/vwater

Viscous flow in a pipe is to be tested in the laboratory using both air and water. Assume that the velocities (Vair and Vwater) are such that the air flow is dynamically simil

What is the stationing of the pt on the same highway

A crest vertical vurve and a horizontal curve on the same highway have the same design speed. The equal-tangent vertical curve connects a +3% initial grade with a +1% final

Derive an expression for velocity of a jet of viscous liquid

Using pie method, derive an expression for the velocity of a jet of viscous liquid issuing from an ori ce under static head if this velocity depends only on head, ori ce di

Which option has the lowest overall cost

Two remediation options are being considered for a contaminated land area formerly used for industrial operations. Option 1 involves removing all of the contaminated soil over

Find location of point a on the table by calculating length

A pool player wants to bank ball B off of point A into the side pocket O. The ball has a diameter d = 2.25 in. and a coefficient of restitution e = 0.8 when colliding with t

Determine the magnitudes of the forces acting on the bracket

The two-force and three-force principles where appropriate. Neglect weights of members unless specified otherwise. Determine the magnitudes of the forces acting on the brack

Find min acceptable wire diameter for max allowable stress

A 200ft length of steel wire is to carry a tensile load of 340lb. Find the minimum acceptable wire diameter if the maximum allowable stress in the wire is 30ksi, and the len

Estimate the formaldehyde concentration in the lake

A factory discharges its waste into a river upstream from a lake. The discharge release rate is 2 kg formaldehyde per day. The decay is a first order process with a decay ra


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