What will be the carrying value of the bond on december
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(1) A company issues $10,000000, 7.8%, 20-year bonds to yield 8% on Jan. 1, 2012. Interest is paid on June 30 and Dec. 31. The Proceeds from the bonds are 9,802,072. Using the effective-Interest amortization, what will be the carrying value of the bond on Dec. 31, 2012?

(2) On Jan. 1 Mary Inc. issued $4,000000, 11% bonds for $4,260,000. The market rate of interest for these bonds is 10%. Interest is payable annually on Dec. 31. Mary uses the effective Interest method of amortizing bond premium. What is the amortizing bond premium at the end of the first year?

(3) A company issues $10,000,000, 7.8%, 20 year bonds to yield 8% 0n Jan. 1, 2012. Interest is paid on June 30 and December 31. The proceeds from the bonds are $9,802,072. What is the Interest Expense for 2013, using the straight-line amortization?

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