What will be the annual cost of holding safety stock

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A firm experience demand with a mean of 100 units per day. Lead time demand is normally distributed with a mean of 1000 unites and a standard deviation of 200 units. It cost $6 to hold one unit for one year. If the firm wants to meet 90% of all demand on time, what will be the annual cost of holding safety stock? -assume that each order costs $50.

Reference no: EM13957913

Makes muffler assemblies for the automotive industry

Meritor, a company that makes muffler assemblies for the automotive industry, is committed to the use of kanban to pull material through its manufacturing cells. Meritor has d

Made ahead of time to facilitate productive meeting

Consider the interaction that takes place when managers from different countries and cultures, working for the same company, come into contact with each other. What are the pr

Guidance system of ship is controlled by computer

The guidance system of a ship is controlled by a computer that has three major modules. In order for the computer to function properly, all three modules must function. Two of

Organizational structure of multinational e-corporation

Discuss the three-tiered ideal organizational structure of a multinational e-corporation. What are some of the essential functions served by the headquarters of the multinatio

What is takt time for this cell

XYZ company has a work cell that operates eight hour shift utilizing seven and half hour productively. Its work cell reqired to make 120 diagnostic equipment. Each diagnostic

Determine the utilization of the four stylists

A hair salon has five stylists’ chairs and four stylists. The customer arrivals average 6 per hour, and the service times average 30 minutes. The coefficients of variation of

What differences in retail environment may justify fact

What differences in the retail environment may justify the fact that the fast-moving consumer goods supply chain in India has far more distributors than in the United States

Establish kanbans to feed a newly installed work cell

The XYZ Company wants to establish kanbans to feed a newly installed work cell. The daily production (demand) rate is 180 units. The production lead time is 3 days. They want


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