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Question: In a minimum 2 full pages paper/essay (to format use a 12pt font, double spaced w/single-spaced heading [name, date, course, assignment in top left corner like the template for the outlines] and saved as a Word-readable .doc or .docx or .rtf file)please respond to the questions below. Feel free to emphasize the areas that you think have the most relevance to your performance in the course and/or what you learned about public speaking and/or yourself from taking this course.

1. What were your personal goals for the class at the beginning of the quarter? Did your goals change? How? Did you meet your goals? Why or why not.

2. Discuss how you would rate your participation for this course. Remember, there is more to participation than just being a warm body. There are also other ways to engage in the course than just participating in whole-class discussions. Think of the class as a "small group" - what do you think the goal of "the group" was/is? How did you contribute to "the group" or to the group's pursuit of that goal? Be specific.

3. Describe what you did well for each of the speeches you gave. You may want to consider the preparation process; selecting and narrowing a topic, analyzing the audience, researching, organizing, developing the speech, using visual aids, presenting the speech, managing your apprehension, or anything else to describe your strengths in each speech.

4. Describe the three most crucial aspects of public speaking that you need to work on and why. For each area, describe at least two specific strategies and techniques you will use the next time you have to give a speech.

5. Anything else, that is related to the course, that you think you need to or want to include.

Reference no: EM132013653

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