What were the political ideology took by each part

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After independece of korea. The country of korea was seperated in to two(South and North).

What were the political ideology took by each part and who and what were invovled for the political ideology decision especially South korea.

1 page work (half is history back ground and Half is own opinion)

Reference no: EM132191613

What was fordism and how did workers respond to it

What was "Fordism" and how did workers respond to it? Read Textbook: Foner, Give Me Liberty, ("The Progressive Era, 1900-1916 [start of chapter] to "The Expanding Role of

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Paper about History of Chicago 1893 or EARLIER. Guidelines from the teacher: 1893 or EARLIER. Sample topics are Jane Adams, Pullman and the railroads, or even the first mayor

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Briefly describe major two causes of the French Revolution. What is meant by both the destruction of the Old Regime and the Radical Revolution? What was the response by neighb

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Distinguish views of marriage and children in early historical periods to those in today's society. Why do you believe this shift has happened?

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Compare and contrast at least two Native American stories about the creation of the world or human beings. Identify the tribes that the stories come from. Discuss their histor

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Describe the effect of an organization's strategic planning on the IT systems it uses. Address how strategic planning simplifies and complicates IT system development and us


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