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Question: Step 1: 1. On a sheet of paper, write down 15 specific things you did over the course of the past 24 hours (for example: got out of bed, drove/rode/walked to class, brushed teeth, etc.).

2. Next, categorize each of the behaviors on your list into one of three types or sources of motivation: biological (i.e., drive-reduction theory), stimulus (i.e., arousal theory), or learned (i.e., incentive approach).

Step 2: Thoroughly discuss the following:

1. Discuss three behaviors from your list that you were able to categorize easily (include the behaviors and their category). What were the motivations behind those behaviors?

2. Discuss three behaviors that you had difficulty categorizing. What about these behaviors made them more difficult to categorize?

Resources: 1. Textbook chapter 9

Acceptable Length: 300-500 words (typed)

Reference no: EM132280839

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