What were the economic goals of NAFTA

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1. What were the economic goals of NAFTA? Why was NAFTA started? Why is NAFTA good for Mexico, U.S. and Canada?

2. What are the disadvantages of NAFTA? Who founded NAFTA?

3. Why is asking “what-if” questions an effective method for strategy formulation?

Explain why diversity training can reinforce stereotypes about groups.

Reference no: EM132183733

What is competition like in alternative beverage industry

What is competition like in the alternative beverage industry? Which of the five competitive forces is strongest? Which is weakest? What competitive forces seem to have the

Changing times exact the best from strategic planners

In today’s turbulent economic climate, it is no longer safe to assume that an organization that was highly successful yesterday will continue to be so tomorrow, or that it wil

Considering two different locations for new retail outlet

A clothing chain is considering two different locations for a new retail outlet. They have identified the four factors listed in the following table as the basis for evaluatio

About the training strategies

In the Cekada article, it is intuitively obvious that all training strategies have to be balanced with organizational constraints. List a couple that are evident in the articl

Metric support the overall financial performance

lop a listing of what you believe are the most important metrics for operations managers. (Hint: Be sure to consider the triple bottom line.) How does each metric support the

Essay describing a business corporation

Write a 1-2 page essay describing a business corporation that you might want to create. Indicate the specific provisions you would include int Articles of Incorporation includ

Agent negotiates contract with third party for which agent

An agent negotiates a contract with a third party for which the agent did not have express authority. The principal can never be held liable on the contract because the agent

Diversity is also desirable for innovation and flexibility

Discuss the reasons why small businesses are so important to the U.S. economy. Understanding that “Diversity is also desirable for innovation, flexibility, and organizational


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