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Using selected journal articles, bulletins, textbooks, industry publications and/or reputable websites, choose an example of a real-life electronic health record application and prepare a brief report outlining the following:

• A basic description of the EHR application, including individual components - e.g. software, hardware, network applications etc.
• An outline of the approach or methodology selected for EHR adoption. Consider:
o What does the article/resource describe about how the system wasselected, designed and implemented?
o What system(s) was in place prior to the selected electronic healthrecord application?
o What were the driving factors for change?

• An outline of the people, systems and processes instrumental to the new EHR application

• An outline of any identified challenges for EHR adoption

• A brief personal assessment of the EHR application based on what you have learned throughout semester.

The report should not exceed 2000 words, and must include appropriate citations and references.

A Student Declaration form must be submitted with the assessment.

Reference style APA.


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The demand of consumers is increasing apparently that stress for improvement in access to information into the healthcare system. The beneficial prospects associated with this are the ease of managing the health records the offers the prospect of record maintenance for a longer time period, ease of storage (virtual space) and improved ways of sharing the records.

Implementation of this system has to undergo some barriers which need to overcome making this transition successful. Electric Health Records (EHR) is the electronic version of the real-time records of the patient information which is instantly accessible and securely to only the authorized users.

This form of patient medical history record is maintained in virtual system, which include all the essential (both clinical and administrative) data including past medical history, demographics, issues and problems, laboratory data, and medications.

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