What were the driving factors for change

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EHR news portfolio

Using selected journal articles, bulletins, textbooks, industry publications and/or reputable websites, choose an example of a real-life electronic health record application and prepare a brief report outlining the following:

• A basic description of the EHR application, including individual components - e.g. software, hardware, network applications etc.
• An outline of the approach or methodology selected for EHR adoption. Consider:
o What does the article/resource describe about how the system wasselected, designed and implemented?
o What system(s) was in place prior to the selected electronic healthrecord application?
o What were the driving factors for change?

• An outline of the people, systems and processes instrumental to the new EHR application

• An outline of any identified challenges for EHR adoption

• A brief personal assessment of the EHR application based on what you have learned throughout semester.

The report should not exceed 2000 words, and must include appropriate citations and references.

A Student Declaration form must be submitted with the assessment.

Reference style APA.

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Reference no: EM13833927

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