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Question: Part Two: Short Answer /Essay: ( About ½ page in length each)

Please answer the following five questions, be sure to answer all parts of each question you choose.

1. In the lecture your instructor discussed his "iceberg" model of culture. What were the components of his model?

Why is an iceberg a good "model" for culture?

How can one learn dimensions of culture?

Is culture static or dynamic?

What influences cultural change?

2. In class we talked about Erin Myers dimensions for cultural mapping. Select link for assessment and take the quiz to self assess your own cultural style.

A. How to you compare with a typical American style?

B. Put in either a Chinese or Germany nationality- (select one that is different from you) How do you compare to this profile?

C. How could a firm use cultural mapping to better prepare managers for overseas assignments?

3. In your own family do you see different shopper roles based on gender? Describe how these roles might impact shopping behavior for food, a car, insurance, selecting a vacation? Do you think gender based-shopping models are becoming less or more useful with Gen Y vs. Boomers?

4. Assess your own VALS profile. Give an example of how a marketer could use this information to better target you for a mobile phone promotion.

5. What should I have asked you? Write your own question and answer it. Points for quality of question and answer.

Reference no: EM131837788

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