What were signals that indicated crossing of sensitive line

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1. Describe an actual example from your life of someone's sensitive line being crossed (it might be yourself). What were the signals that indicated the crossing of a sensitive line? How was threat rigidity manifest?

Give two (2) examples of businesses that use spreadsheet software and what it is used for.

2. Please talk about the downsizing/closing of major chain stores (ex. Sears, JC Penney, Best Buy, Gander Mountain, etc.) and provide support as to why you think this is occurring. Discuss the emerging online piece of strategy for all of these firms as well as for WalMart and Target (ex. Walmart just purchased JET--why did they do that?). Take this discussion any direction you wish but do bring out what is happening from a strategic point of view.

Reference no: EM132280779

Collection of bonds to maximize the annual return

A trust officer at the BN bank needs to determine how to invest $100,000 in the following collection of bonds to maximize the annual return. Bond Annual Return Maturity Risk T

Write a brief script between two people accomplishing task

Write a brief script between two people accomplishing the task. Write a script between eight people accomplishing the same task. Summarize the differences for each and how qua

Negotiate the use of nuclear power

Eventually, the United States and Iran will have to sit down and negotiate the use of nuclear power. Discuss the issues that could be involved in such a negotiation. What cogn

Describe the social contract

Describe the “social contract” as defined by the book and the case Jacobson vs. Massachusetts. Explain the relationship between the social, political, and economic factors inf

Delivery and quality dependability of the new suppliers

What can Exeter do to quickly determine the delivery and quality dependability of the new suppliers? if Exeter determines Redline is the least dependable source, harris hydrau

Manufactures product in an assembly line operation

The BMore Careful manufactures a product in an assembly line operation. One of the machines on the line is a drill press that has a single assembly line feeding into it. A par

Discuss the pros and cons of doing business

Discuss the pros and cons of doing business with the government, as well as how conducting business with the federal government is different from conducitng business with co

Create and implement training plan

Imagine that you are the HR Director for a community hospital that needs to prepare for ICD-10 implementation. The HIM Manager has asked for your help to create and implement


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