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Assignment 3: Scholarly Paper - Telecommunication Technology and the Delivery of Health Services


In healthcare today, many patients/clients are increasing using telehealth applications for monitoring their health status. At the same time, in clinics and hospitals, primary care providers (PCPs) including advanced practice nurses are being challenged by patient/client questions concerning healthcare-related information and practices reported on the Internet. This assignment relates to telehealth care, the impacts of telehealth on the nursing role, and the use of standards to evaluate and recommend credible websites to patients.


Assignment Criteria/Directions:


In this paper, students will examine telehealth, discuss one specific emerging telehealth tool, and identify implications of how telehealth impacts emerging telehealth nursing roles. Students will also use standard criteria to identify credible websites for a selected telehealth population and design a teaching plan to empower this population to evaluate health information on the Web.


Include the following in the scholarly paper as the work is composed and organized:


Telehealth Care and Telenursing

Discuss the clinical and non-clinical uses of this technology and provide examples

Identify the required safety and security provisions/standards for telehealth applications:

Ethical (including the American Nurses Association "Code")

Legal (including "Meaningful Use" according to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [ARRA])

Regulatory (credentialing and certification)

Generate a table of the major benefits and current challenges to adoption of telehealth applications

Analyze how telehealth affects patients' empowerment and patients' engagement in their own health

As a master's prepared nurse in an advanced practice role, discuss how you would evaluate the quality and effectiveness of a telehealth tool

Telehealth Applications for a Population

Select a patient population using telehealth applications and identify one specific remote monitoring system/telehealth tool that would be appropriate for this patient population

Identify which standardized nursing and medical language(s) are captured by this tool

Access the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's [IHI] website at


Explain how this selected telehealth tool addresses each of the three dimensions of the "IHI Triple Aim"


Explain how the master's prepared nurse will be impacted by this telehealth application

Analyze the role of the telenurse in using and educating the patient about this specific telehealth tool

What training would be needed

What equipment would be used

How would you assess the patient and family's response to this telehealth tool?

Evaluating Health-Related Websites for Populations

For the preferred patient population, identify two credible health-related web sites that would be useful to ensuring this population's effective health status


Explain why (what specific aspects of the website) you would recommend these websites to this population.

What website evaluation criteria did you use?

Assess and report the reading level of information presented in each website

Present a teaching plan to educate these patients about how to select a reputable and credible health website to manage their health

This is a scholarly paper of 6 to 7 pages (excluding title page and reference page(s).

Students are expected to apply APA formattingto the entire document, including the title page/reference page(s), the level headings, and in-text citations/quotes.

References: peer review references more than 3

Submit the assignment to TurnitinDirect prior to the final submission to the assignment drop box. Please be sure to review the originality report and make any needed changes.

Reference no: EM131295956

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