What was your biggest frustration during the negotiations
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1. While the teams are preparing, the room will be set up using a rect- angular table with four seats on each side. The Japanese side will have three chairs at the table with one chair set up behind the three. The American side of the table will have four chairs side by side.

2. Following these preparations, the Japanese team will be brought in, so they may greet the Americans when they arrive. At this point, the Americans will be brought in and the role play begins. Time for the negotiations should be 20 to 30 minutes. The rest of the class will act as observers and will be expected to provide feedback during the discussion phase.

3. When the negotiations are completed, the student participants from both sides and the observers will complete their feedback question- naires. Class discussion of the feedback questions will follow.

Feedback Questions for the Japanese Team

1. What was your biggest frustration during the negotiations?

2. What would you say the goal of the American team was?

3. What role (e.g., decider, influencer, etc.) did each member of the American team play?

Mr. Jones Mr./Ms. Smith Mr./Ms. Nelson Mr./Ms. Frost

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