What was the stereotypical image of the irish
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Irish American Essay

Using your knowledge from the class discussions, readings and films, answer the following questions in a 3 page essay. You should consider doing additional research to answer these questions.

Discuss the situation in Ireland that led to the great Irish immigration to America in the 1840's. How were the Irish who came during this time period different than the Scotch Irish who came earlier?

Where did the Irish settle? What was the stereotypical image of the Irish at this time? What type of discrimination did they face? What was the attitude of many Americans towards the Catholic religion at this time? Why did they feel this way?

What areas did the Irish find work in? How did they ultimately assimilate and achieve economic and political success in America? Give several examples of successful Irish American politicians in the 20th century and discuss their significance.

In the text's excerpt from ‘Tis by Frank McCourt describe the relationship that the main character had with the priest. Do you see any parallels to modern day issues with the Catholic clergy?

In the film In America, by James Sheridan, discuss some of the new things the family had to adjust to in America. Why do you think the writers of the film had the family move into an apartment that was full of druggies and some other sketchy characters? What did the family, particularly the father, Johnny, learn from Mateo?

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