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Question: Based on your readings in Chapter 4.1 and our class discussion, compare and contrast Stonehenge and The Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Your entire group response should be posted below the line. Answer in complete sentences, and feel free to include images or use formatting to enhance your submission. All group members are expected to participate equitably, but it is up to each group to decide how that will look.

You may use the following links for review. If you use any wording or phrases directly from these sites, you must put them in quotation marks and credit the sources.

Stonehenge (Khan Academy)

The Gates (Khan Academy)


• When was each made?

• Where were they made?

• Who made them?

• How long did each work last?


• What was the scale of the materials used, and what impact does it have on viewers?

• What shape(s) were used and how is repetition involved?

• How was the community involved?

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