What was the racer''s speed in min/mi for the race

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The record for the race in Problem 38 is 10 minutes, 47 seconds. What was the racer's speed in min/mi for the race?

Problem 38

Each spring there is a race up 86 floors of the 102-story Empire State Building in New York City. If you were able to climb 2 steps/second, how long would it take you to reach the 86th floor if each floor is 14 ft. high and each step is about 9 in.?

Reference no: EM131335011

What is a stakeholder

What role does the target research population play in reference to recruitment and retention strategies? What are some possible recruitment and retention challenges a resear

Why is it difficult to develop good plans

How does having a scope and WBS help project teams during project execution? Why is it difficult to develop good plans?Name the main planning tasks performed as part of proje

Experiences with persuasive writing

Describe experiences you have had with persuasive writing and explain ways you expect to use persuasive writing in your university career and in your professional and personal

Generate sinusoidal expression for the current of a resitor

Write a program to generate the sinusoidal expression for the current of a resistor, inductor, or capacitor given the value of R, L, or C and the applied voltage in sinusoid

Can you find any contradiction in hare arguments on page

Hare is conducting an ethical debate on the institution of slavery.  He is writing to justify the use of Utilitarian ethics in resolving the issue. .  Think about and try to a

What kind of research is done

In some cases you would say that the independent variable isn't important at all (i.e. had no effect on the dependent variable), and the author will make that clear in the a

What is a level of significance

Explain in your own words what standard deviation means to your research and:Explain in your own words what an outlier means to your research.Please explain in your own words

Whats important is to create an impact by turning it off

Sociologist Bernard McGrane is noted for having designed a series of experiments that are widely used in teaching sociology students. In the 1990s, he conducted the famous "


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