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Chapter 1: The Effects of eHR System Characteristics and Culture on System Acceptance and Effectiveness

Chapter 2: The Next Decade of HR- Trends, Technologies, and Recommendations

Required 350 words, references, and no format needed!

How do different types of cultures impact HRIS implementation and acceptance?

What are some of legal and regulatory issues that were discussed in our reading material this week that could impact HRIS?

Provide an overview of one of the regulations discussed in our reading material. What was the purpose of the regulation?

Are there HRIS systems that could help with compliance of these regulations? (Search the Internet for software and post links here). Lastly, what are some of the future technologies discussed in our reading material?

Are any of these being offered right now? Again, this will require you to research for software that fits future trends. Discuss your finding with each other and how they relate to our reading material this week.

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