What was the purpose of the energy or fuel use
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Complete and upload this Energy Use Table Worksheet and write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.

You want to be part of the Green Revolution and are looking to find ways to reduce your energy use. But first, you must know what your energy use is. Complete the following:

Complete the table to keep track of your energy use for 3 days this week. Include the following:

What types of energy or fuel did you use (including any renewable sources of energy, such as wind, hydroelectric, solar, etc.)?

What was the purpose of the energy or fuel use (heating or cooling, recreational, etc.)?

Save your chart, and present it with 300-500 words containing the following information: ?Which primary energy source does your electric company use to generate electricity (coal, nuclear, renewables, etc.)? ?Cite the source for this information.

What changes could you make to decrease your energy use?

What changes could you make to increase your energy efficiency?

Which changes will be most difficult for you to implement? Why do you think so?


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I did used the electrical energy, solar energy, natural gas fuel, gasoline fuel as well as wood in the three day testing periods. The energy usage for different type of the fuel is different. Mostly the electrical energy used for the applications like lighting and other miscellaneous applications like television, computer, VCR etc. Gasoline fuel is used in my vehicle for the traction applications. I did used solar energy for water heating applications, Natural gas is used for cooking requirements. Electrical company of my region is using Coal as a fuel for power generation, it is from Bakersfield power plant of California .

At present my energy usage is more on the electrical usage side. Inorder to reduce my electricity bills on the electrical consumption side, I will try reducing the usage of the electricity, grid connected by replacing the same by the electricity generated with the usage of photovoltaic cells. Also my gasoline bills are also coming high, I would like to reduce the usage of gasoline by converting my vehicle to run on CNG. Electrical lamps in my house are mostly incandescent at present, I will be changing all of them to LED.

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