What was the ph gradient across the membrane

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Peter Mitchell and colleagues determined that the total proton motive force across the inner mitochondrial membrane at 37 degree celsius was 230mV, of which 70% was due to the electrical potential. What was the pH gradient across the membrane?

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Substrate were added in acid solution

Sometimes, we see an ELISA plate in which every well turnsyellow upon the addition of substrate. Can you think of onetype of error that would result in this finding? What do

Lisa keller can opt for genetic testing

Lisa Keller can opt for genetic testing to determine if she is a carrier for hemophilia, but it is expensive, so she wants to use her family pedigree to inform her choice

What now happens to the rate of oxygen consumption

Suppose that you have uncoupled mitochondria (no chemiosmotic gradient to restrict respiration). Which of the following substrates should produce the fastest rate of respira

Identify ways in which telomeres and centromeres similar

Identify the ways in which telomeres and centromeres are similar. Choose all that apply. A - serve the same functions. B - are packaged into heterochromatin. C - always have

How is the technology applied to the real world

In this section, provide background about the topic. Provide an overview of the topic in general, answering the following questions: How does it work? What is the purpose? H

How tall are the f1 plants

assume that three loci, each with two alleles (A/a, B/b, and D/d), determine the differences in height between two homozygous varieties of a plant. These genes are addictive

What blood type can a child born to a mother

What blood type(s) can a child born to a mother with B- blood type and a father with A+ blood type have? Explain your answer fully. Be sure to focus on the concepts of domin

How many deuterium atoms will be incorporated

Palmitic acid is synthesized in vitro with purified substrates and fatty acid synthase. (If you use standard carbon numbering for fatty acids there is no need to draw the st


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