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The appeal must be written by you and should be comprehensive: elaborating on non-academic problems such as financial, medical, and personal hardships that affected your performance during the term. Presenting false or intentionally misleading information in the appeal may result in immediate dismissal of the appeal and/or judicial charges.

The letter of appeal should include:

• Your name, RUID number, current address and Rutgers email address
• Circumstances that negatively impacted your academic performance during the semester of the dismissal

• What was done to address these issues or what is being done if these circumstances are still ongoing

• Any administrative contact made with RBS: UG-Nwk, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, or any outside office(s) to address these issues. What was the outcome of the contact with these offices?

• Appropriate supporting documentation

• Outline of an academic and personal action plan that will be implemented if reinstated to RBS: UG-Nwk.

Reference no: EM131358744

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