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Using the Argosy library, Internet and other sources, locate two examples of mergers or acquisitions that failed. Be sure the articles contain enough information about what actually happened in the failed merger or acquisition so that you can answer the questions below.

Write a review comparing the two unsuccessful mergers/acquisitions you found. Address the following questions for each of the mergers/acquisitions you chose:

What was the motive behind the merger/acquisition? What internal and external factors impacted the merger/acquisition decision? Use specific examples to justify your response.

Which of the two unsuccessful merger/acquisitions you reviewed held the most risk of not working from the onset? Why? Give examples.

Did either company use metrics during the merger/acquisition process to measure their progress? Describe and explain at least two additional metrics which could have been used by each company in monitoring their progress during the M&A process.

Reference no: EM13740535

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