What was the issue that was explained by researchers

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Prepare a paper using a short-answer format. For each of the criteria, write 1-2 narrative paragraphs:

What was the issue or problem that was explained by the researchers?

What was the stated purpose for their research?

What was the theoretical (concept or construct) focus or topic, and how were the concepts or constructs defined?

What research approach did the authors take (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods), and why was that approach appropriate for the researchers' stated purpose?

What were the conclusions of the study?

What were the recommendations for future research?

Include the citation of the article.

Read the article ( I will provide if necessary)

Sample, P. L., Greene, D., & Johns, N. R. (2012). Life-bombing-injury-life: A qualitative follow-up study of Oklahoma City bombing survivors with TBI. Brain Injury, 26(13/14), 1670-1683. doi: 10.3109/02699052.2012.700090. Medline

No abstract, introduction, or summary is required for the paper. ALso does not need to be in a certain format as it will be a building block that I will add to. No special requirements such a line spacing or format. Needs to be at least 3 pages single spaced.

Reference no: EM131378001

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