What was the gain or loss on the futures transaction

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Assume the bank in the previous question partially hedges the mortgage by selling three 10-year T-note futures contracts at a price of 100 20/32. Each contract is for $1,000,000. After two months, the futures contract has fallen in price to 98 24/32. What was the gain or loss on the futures transaction?

Reference no: EM131129386

What loss does the bank incur

A bank issues a $3 million commercial mortgage with a nominal APR of 8%. The loan is fully amortized over 10 years, requiring monthly payments. The bank plans on selling the l

How many futures contracts does this bank need to fully hedg

Chicago Bank and Trust has $100 million in assets and $83 million in liabilities. The duration of the assets is 5.9 years, and the duration of the liabilities is 1.8 years. Ho

How is this accomplished

Laura, a bond portfolio manager, administers a $10 million portfolio. The portfolio currently has a duration of 8.5 years. Laura wants to shorten the duration to 6 years using

What is the impact on the interest income for the first 12m

Assume the bank hedged this risk with a short position in a 181-day T-bill future. The original price was 97 26/32, and the final price was 98 1/32 on a $100,000 face value co

What is the gain or loss on this transaction

A hedger takes a short position in five T-bill futures contracts at the price of 98 5/32. Each contract is for $100,000 principal. When the position is closed, the price is 95

What is your profit or loss on the contract if the premium

If you buy a put option on a $100,000 Treasury bond futures contract with an exercise price of 95 and the price of the Treasury bond is 120 at expiration, is the contract in t

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an option

How would you use the options market to accomplish the same thing as in Problem 5? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an options contract rather than a futures

How would you use the futures market to do this

Suppose that the pension you are managing is expecting an inflow of funds of $100 million next year and you want to make sure that you will earn the current interest rate of 8


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