What was the function of rene descartes pineal gland

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Instructions: Please note that the questions below are based on the Unit readings and are intended to be both an outline of the units' material and the basis for your Unit Assessment, so please give your best effort to answering them thoroughly. The task is to respond to all 30 of the questions below. Each question will be worth one point.

The format for submission is to include the questions with the replies. Example:

How does one know what the good life is?

 - The good life is...

List five common expressions that reinforce the idea of human beings having a mind and a body.

What did the French Philosopher Rene Descartes believe he had proven about minds?

What is the meaning of the Latin expression Cogito Ergo Sum?

What two substantially different realms of existence did Rene Descartes believe existed? And, how was the Brain and Mind divided in these realms?

List 5 characteristics of both the physical and non-physical realms.

Define Dualism, and explain the major philosophical problem that arises out of a dualistic perspective of reality.

Explain the problem of interaction of the Mind-Body Problem.

What was the function of Rene Descartes "Pineal Gland"?

What is the major obstacle to the "Pineal Gland" Theory?

What does the research of neuroscience indicate regarding the interactive relationship of the mind and body?

List the traditional and most logical options that respond to the Mind-Body Problem.

What are the possible approaches to the Mind-Body Problem?

What is Interactionism?

What is Epiphenomenalism?

Explain the Double Aspect Theory.

What is meant by Parallelism? Include in your response the theories of Pre-Established Harmony and Occasionalism.

What does "Monistic Materialism" hold to be true about the metaphysical status of the universe?

Research and define the following terms: Behaviorism, Logical Behaviorism, and Semantic Behaviorism.

Reference no: EM131435252

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