What was the connection between nazism and social darwinism

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Lecture for Module 3: "Nazi Racial Social Darwinism: Creating a "Volksgemeinschaft"

I want to you answer these 10 questions, and please try to make the answers not long.

1. What was the connection between Nazism and Social Darwinism?

2. How did the Nazis put Social Darwinism into practice?

3. What factors did the Nazis think directed a social group's evolution?

4. How did the Nazis propose to use eugenics to breed out unwanted characteristics and to select for desired characteristics?

5. What did the category "asocial" mean to the Nazis?

6. Whom did the Nazis considered asocial?

7. How did the Nazis propose to use diplomacy and war as tools of their eugenics program?

8. What was the problem with Nazi racial thinking?

9. How did the Nazi government address the problem when Nazi theorists could not agree on what Aryanness or Jewishness meant?

10. How did the Nazis get the German public to go along with their plans to create a master race?

Reference no: EM13843945

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