What was the average gas mileage obtained by each

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In a family there are two cars. The sum of the average miles per gallon obtained by the two cars in a particular week is 55. The first car has consumed 35 gallons during that week, and the second has consumed 40 gallons, for a total of 2050 miles driven by the two cars combined. What was the average gas mileage obtained by each of the two cars in that week?

Reference no: EM13205010

Make the rental cost for company

A truck can be rented from Company A for $60 a day plus $0.60 per mile. Company B charges $30 a day plus $0.70 per mile to rent the same truck. How many miles must be driven

Does the ball clear the fence

Denote the ball trajectory, r(t) = hx(t), y(t)i, wth respect to time, t. Assuming that t = 0 corresponds to the instant when the ball leaves the bat, what are x(t) and y(t)?

For the company walmart

For Module 3, consider the organization's mission and strategy from the perspective of its internal business processes (from your work on the case, your previous course work

Can marketing influence consumers decisions

Did you know marketing was more than just advertising?  Now that you watched the video, what role does marketing play in the success of the organization? Can marketing influ

Derivatives to calculate volume and area

An open box is to be made from a six inch by six inch square piece of material by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. Find the volume of the lar

Determining the value of the property

The purchase price of an acre of land in the Louisiana purchase in 1803 was about 6 cents. Suppose the value of this property grew at an annual rate of 4.6% compounded annua

Find at what height below the base the section

A hollow cone is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the upper portion is removed. if the volume of the frustum obtained is 26/27 of volume of the cone. find at what heigh

How much mix is needed to make each amount

If q is the number of quarts of lemonade, than 1/4 q can be used to find the number of cups of lemonade mix needed to make the lemonade. How much mix is needed to make each


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