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Question - If a company is using perpetual inventory system, does the company also need to do periodic inventory to reconcile the inventory from perpetual to that of physical? What happens if a difference exists between what is in the system and what was physically counted?

Reference no: EM132184630

Total services rendered on account

Beginning and ending Accounts Receivable balances were $28,000 and $24,000, respectively. If collections from clients during the period were $80,000, then total services re

Capitalization of interest langer airline is converting

The jet planes have a 7-year service life. Give your recommendation concerning the proper accounting for interest during the conversion period. Support your recommendation wit

Securities current assets

What is meant by the statement, "Assets are listed in order of liquidity"? Give an example using the typical current assets section of a balance sheet.

Market-determined semiannual discount rate

3. A $1,000-face-value bond has a current market price of $935, an 8 percent coupon rate, and 10 years remaining until maturity. Interest payments are made semiannually. Bef

The residual value after four years

The residual value after four years, guaranteed by the lessee, is $100,000. Lease payments are due on December 31 of each year, beginning with the first payment at the end of

Do you agree with mayor babitt

That will give us the revenues we desperately need. Now I can concentrate on fighting crime. Do you agree with Mayor Babitt? If not, what are the flaws in his reasoning?

Shares of multi-national enterprises

As a potential investor in the shares of multi-national enterprises, which inflation method, restate-translate or translate-restate, would give you decision needs? Which inf

Analyze how inflation could occur in a society

Analyze how inflation could occur in a society that relies exclusively on barter versus money. Speculate what form inflation would take and how you would recognize it. Provide


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