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1. What value, if any, do you see in business students studying the basics of ethical theory?

Business Ethics is a form of professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. To grasp this, you must first have an understanding of basic ethics. Basic ethics is moral principles that direct a person's behavior or guides them in an activity. It is very valuable to have an understanding of ethical behaviors and practice them in a business setting. The goal of business is to earn money, but without consumers or customers, the business will not be successful. So it is very important to be ethical in business, we should value the right thing over the dollar.

2. Which normative theory or general approach to ethics do you find the most plausible or attractive, and why?

I agree mostly with the nonconsequentialist approach to ethics. It fits with the type of person I am and strive to be. They weigh moral decision making as well as different considerations very heavily and thoroughly. The nonconsequentialist is all about moral rights, particularly human rights. We are all human; we should all appreciate this viewpoint.


1. What value, if any, do you see in business students studying the basics of ethical theory?

Business ethics deals with our moral principles and the values that we hold. Learning about different ethical behaviors and theories can help us learn how to handle ethical situations with other people in business settings. The business world is an atmosphere where people are constantly working with other people who hold different moral principles than them. Learning about other ethical theories and approaches can help someone solve an issue when conflict arises.

2. Which normative theory or general approach to ethics do you find the most plausible or attractive, and why?

I think the teleological general approach is the most reasonable because it relies on if the outcome of the action will be good or bad. Whatever the best outcome is, that's the decision you should go with. Humans are very selfish by nature and I think a lot of us do this without realizing it because we want what's best for ourselves.

Reference no: EM131370452

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