What types of skills do managers need in global marketplace

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What types of skills do managers need in today's global marketplace, and why are they important?

How do diversity, distance, language barriers, technology and other factors determine which skills are needed?

Outsourcing -

Companies have been outsourcing functions such as customer service, payroll, call centers, and some other functions for years. Some of these are outsourced to contractors, some to other companies. Some outsourcing sends work overseas, while others us US based companies to provide services. Consumers, management, and employees often have differing opinions on whether outsourcing is beneficial.

1. Why would a company outsource a business function, such as customer service? What are the risks?

2. Why would a company outsource a human resources function, such as benefits administration or recruitment? What are the risks?

3. What is your opinion of outsourcing work, in general? Do you view it as positive, negative, or neutral? Why?

Reference no: EM13895465

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